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Tiger Woods will ultimately be forgiven by America and have his image restored


Tiger Woods has the first leg of his PR campaign scheduled for Friday when he's scheduled to speak in front of a Tiger Woodsfew select media members, with no questions being allowed from the media.

This controlled event marks his first public appearance in nearly three months since his image of a clean-cut athlete went up in smoke faster than film in an inferno.

Even though Tiger Woods has a major public image problem and has lost pretty much every endorsement except for Nike, he's not being accused of rape, murder, or child molestation.  Michael Jackson, despite being accused of child molestation still has millions of fans who look beyond that.

When you're an athlete or a superstar of Tiger Woods' status, America forgives, forgets, and moves on.  It's the nature of the beast. 

Rumor has it that Tiger Woods will return for one tournament prior to the Masters, to serve as a warm-up.  Then, he'll make his return to the PGA.

Woods will have his ardent critics though.  Ernie Els has blasted Woods for the timing of his controlled conference. 

The sooner Tiger gets back on the course and does more of this, the sooner America will forgive and forget.