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Tiger Woods takes his first step in a long road with sincere press conference today


Tiger Woods gave a press conference this morning addressing the infidelity scandal, which has destroyed the golf superstar's image.

Unlike many press conferences, I feel like Tiger Woods came across as very sincere. Not to mention, today's press conference served as a great first step in his road to recovery-for his marriage, family, image, and career. 

One of the main things I took from Woods' press conference is that he mentioned how his wife Elin Nordgren told him he cannot apologize to her in words, but rather through changes in his behavior.

Many will criticize Woods for not taking questions and throwing himself to the media lions.  I happen to feel this is the right way to go.  He would just dig himself a bigger hole by taking questions from the media.

There will be many who feel this is staged and controlled by his PR people and it's just an empty way of addressing the obvious.  You can't please everybody in this world.

Woods allowed that he unsure when he will return surprisingly.  Many suspected he would return for the Masters.

Now, it's not clear if he'll play this year. 

For a full transcript of the press conference check out the New York Times piece.

Photo of Tiger Woods from press conference from http://www.timesonline.co.uk