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Why is Tiger Woods being hammered by the media for cheating when Michael Jordan got a free pass?


It's been three days since Tiger Woods' first public appearance and announcement since the meltdown outside his house nearly three months ago.  Pundits everywhere are coming out of the woodwork and analyzing his press conference.

Tiger Woods is no angel and should not be defended one iota for his actions.  His actions are reprehensible.  Many men in our country and around the world may think it's ok to cheat, but my humble opinion is that it's wrong on so many levels.

With that said, the media has been having their way with Tiger Woods' exploits over the past three months.  The reasons are multi-fold and quite clear.  He's the biggest athlete in the world and one of the top five celebrities across the board today.  Therefore, any bad news regarding Mr. Woods becomes everybody's business. 

However, the former biggest athlete in the world has gotten a free pass for his exploits.  I'm talking about Michael Jordan of course, who was a big-time cheater.  While we're at it, many athletes are cheaters.  Why not pry into their lives?

Michael Jordan's marriage went up in smoke a few years ago after his wife (this isn't a reach) probably got tired of the cheating.  They originally announced plans to divorce in 2002, but after a few years decided to call it quits.  Not to mention, she came away from the divorce with a good deal of money, $168 million to be exact.

I know various people in media outlets and there many, many stories about Michael Jordan's exploits while he was married.  It was widely known that he had his way jordan and wifewith many women.  There's no telling how many.  Yet, he got a free pass from the media. Jordan's affairs were reported to have begun back in the 80's.

Just why did Jordan (the biggest athlete of his generation) get away with cheating? And, why is Tiger Woods being destroyed on an hourly basis?

My theory on this has to do with the media culture of today.  The lives of celebrities are under a microscope these days like never before.  Not to mention, social media and the media work hand-in-hand.  Check out one of my recent articles with regards to the popularity of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

The biggest travesty is that Jordan never lost any of his endorsements despite his lifestyle.  This illustrates how hypocritical corporations are.  When one of their stars are exposed like Tiger Woods, they bail on them like they are contaminated.  But, in the case of Jordan who never got exposed, they stuck with him despite the behavior.

In Michael Jordan's era, the internet wasn't the beast to be reckoned with that it is today.  Now, athletes like Tiger Woods can no longer hide from their affairs.

Everybody and everything is fair game.  Privacy is dead.