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President Obama's health care plan: Money pit or a victory for working class Americans?


President Obama's Health Care plan will be put to test this week as he unveiled the $950 billion proposal to Congress this week. obama This comes a few days before Obama's healthcare summit, scheduled for Thursday where Republicans and Democrats will square off on the great healthcare debate.

The healthcare summit will take place on Thursday this week.  The public fight is sure to get ugly as our political system has reached a crossroads.  Politics aren't just politics anymore, they are partisan politics. And, both parties are guilty of it. 

Some feel the objective of Obama's healthcare summit is to paint Republicans as obstructionists. 

All in all, Obama's health care plan, while well-intended is a huge expense-to the tune of nearly $100 billion per year.  And, right now we can ill-afford to dump more money into entitlement programs when our country's deficit has gotten so out of control. 

Then again, there are tens of millions of hard-working Americans who should have affordable healthcare.  Does Obama's health care plan accomplish this though?

The key points to Obama's proposal are as follows:

*Total cost $950 billion over ten years

*Costs to be offset by tax hikes on the wealthiest Americans along with cuts in waste in the present system

*The proposed plan will cover 31 million uninsured Americans and give the federal government authority to prevent what it deems excessive premium increases by lealth insurance companies

*There is no public option and as explained by Robert Gibbs, it has to do with concerns over votes

My main question, is who are the 31 million uninsured who will receive help? If this will help working class people then great.  However, if it's another system to be abused by lazy Americans with no desire to better themselves, then it's another wasted effort.  Face it, for every legitimate person on social security, there are many others who can work, but choose not to because they can sponge money off the system. Go to any bank on the 3rd of the month sometime and look at many of the bottom feeders going in to cash in on your dime.

Republicans have their own healthcare proposal and some points of their proposal include the following:

*Allow insurers to sell policies across state lines

*Create new state high-risk pools or reinsurance programs to provide insured people access to insurance, which they argue would give everyone access to insurance coverage.

*Barring insurers from excluding people with pre-existing conditions and allow for coverage of those people who wait until they are ill before purchasing insurance.

There are very few on the right who will give Obama's proposal the time of day.  Many conspiracy theorists even feel that Obama has a nefarious plan up his sleeves, desiring to create a socialist system devoid of private health insurance.

Republicans do have some reason to gripe though.  And, I'm among the last to defend many Republicans in this day and age.  There hasn't been much if any two-way debate with regards to health care.  It's been a lot of bickering and peacocking.  Ultimately that does nothing but stymie any political progress in a time when partisan politics is the last thing working class Americans need.  With that said, many Republicans are dismissing this proposal and the bipartisan healthcare summit altogether, which is senseless.  You can't complain about being shut out of a debate, then turn a debate down when asked to join in. 

Ultimately Obama's health care plan has it's good intentions, but will fall victim to the bloated, beauracratic processes in our government.  Added to that, the failure of including a public option renders it as a mere entitlement program.  In order to really put health insurance companies on notice, a public option would be a viable remedy. 

Without it, it will be business as usual. They are just too strong.

Photo of Obama from http://theiowarepublican.com