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Tony Kornheiser looks like a Howard Stern wannabe after being suspended for Hannah Storm comments


It's been a pretty wild day in the sports world. Former Philadelphia Eagle Brian Westbrook is out of a job.  Jayson Williams is going to the joint for 18 months.  And, ESPN's Tony Kornheiser is getting suspended for two weeks from PTI for comments about ESPN reporter Hannah Storm, particularly her style of dress.

Kornheiser has been very over the top over the past few years with his opinions and has now tried to go the Howard Stern route with his career.  Kornheiser said that Hannah Storm looked horrible in a dress she wore and dresses too sexy for her age, which is about as sexist a comment one can make in the public eye-let alone about a co-worker.

On Kornheiser's radio show he said Storm's outfit was "horrifying." He went on to say her shirt was "very, very tight" and stated that her skirt, a "Catholic school plaid skirt" was, "way too short for somebody her age."

Hannah Storm may dress provocatively for a journalist, but the bottom line is she's among the most well respected names in the hannah stormbusiness and deserves more respect than this. 

Kornheiser should be suspended for what he said because it's sexist, unprofessional, and low-rent.

Kornheiser isn't anywhere close to Howard Stern though.  Stern is a pioneer of a broadcasting medium and Kornheiser is just a wannabe. 

Maybe I'm reading into this a bit too much, but I've witnessed many people in the world of media go the low road before in an attempt to boost their profile.

It worked for Howard Stern, but he had a purpose behind it-to give people an escape while stuck in hellish traffic on the way to work or while on the job.  Tony Kornheiser is supposed to be reporting on sports, not making outrageous comments to try and better his career.

He should be ashamed. 

Photo of Hannah Storm from http://z.about.com