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Tiger Woods a great husband compared to Charlie Sheen, who entered rehab today


The other day I wrote an article about Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan, particularly why Jordan got a free pass for all those years when he cheating with women left and right.  Someone made a comment about Charlie Sheen on our Facebook fan page in response to the article.  At the time I thought nothing of it.

Then today when I learned of Charlie Sheen checking into a rehab, I thought about the comment on Facebook and figured why not Charlie Sheen and Brooke Muelleroffer my opinion on the Charlie Sheen situation.

Tiger Woods is in rehab for sex addiction and pretty much anybody with half a brain knows that it's for PR purposes.  Charlie Sheen is also in rehab, but for something a little more serious.

Sheen was said to be abusing cocaine once again and drinking a tad too much that night he assaulted his wife Brooke Mueller.

Sheen is unlikely to lose his gig on Two and a Half Men, although some viewers will certainly be turned off by his exploits.  In fact, the ratings of Two and a Half Men have held steady and will probably increase out of interest once Sheen returns. 

Will Sheen be suspended by the network? Highly unlikely.  Charlie Sheen didn't lose his gig with Hanes either.  All they did was suspend the Charlie Sheen ads. Isn't it interesting that Charlie Sheen did Hanes ads with Michael Jordan, another "husband of the year" candidate?! I'm being sarcastic of course because Jordan was about as good of a husband as George Bush was a president.  In other words, not very good.  

Tiger Woods on the other hand is being treated like a pariah by sponsors and many in the media because he was a "player." I'll never defend it as I've stated many times, but the culture of the sports and entertainment world is one where many husbands are unfaithful.  And, it's no secret.  Also, did he ever beat his wife while being coked up and drunk? I think the latter is a much more horrendous offense.

Charlie Sheen's arrest incident ocurred two months ago and it's been business as usual between he and CBS. 

Tiger Woods got dropped like a sack of potatoes by his sponsors within a few weeks.

Corporations have their priorities a little screwed up in this day and age.  Ultimately, it seems "more ok" to beat your wife while you're drunk and high, but if you sleep around (while fronting as a squeaky clean person) then you're going over the line.

Photo of Charlie Sheen and Brook Mueller from http://momento24.com