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Philadelphia finally spared from massive snow storm, this time it's your turn New York!


Finally, Philadelphia has been spared from a massive snow storm. Philadelphia Snowpocalypse

While we have been getting hit with high winds the past few days, this storm dubbed a snow hurricane or snowicane (most ridiculous term I've ever heard of) didn't paralyze us like The Blizzard of 2010 Parts I and II.  We won't be seeing any scenes like this on this occasion at least not in the Philadelphia region. 

This storm has just been a major pain in the you know what for people attempting to fly into Philadelphia, along with commuters heading to work.

If you went down 76, 95, or 422 around 6:00 this morning, these major roads resembled a hockey rink.  The drifting snow created hazardous conditions, but with warmer temps on the way the snow isn't going to hang around long.

The worst-hit areas in the Greater Philadelphia area were in the Allentown and Bethlem erarea.  Allentown received around a foot-as of earlier this morning. The rest of the area received around 3-6 inches.

New York on the other hand got it bad this time around and they can have it! Areas around Albany are said to have received as much as three feet of snow.  Overall, between 14 and 30 inches of snow have fallen in Northern Jersey, New York, and the Poconos.

This time around it's your turn New York for a massive amount of snow.  You can keep having it!  It's the least we ask for...afterall your Yanks did knock off our Phillies in the World Series. 

Photo by Aileen Bannon http://www.philly2philly.com/culture/lens