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China takes on Google first and now goes up against President Obama


China has been in a battle with Google for years now.  They won't let the search engine giant have complete control in their borders and thus censor the search engine.

Google has threatened to pull out of China over a hacking incident which saw some of Google's intellectual property fall into the hands of Chinese criminals.

Now, China is ready to take on President Obama by issuing a stern warning if he meets with the Dalai Lama. 

China warns that this would further erode political ties between the United States and China.

But, Obama is doing the right thing and not caving into the fascist Chinese Government and moving forward with the meeting.

Both Google and Obama need to take a hard-line stance with China and tell them where to "stick it." Google should bail out and Obama should tell China that he's free to meet with any leader he so chooses.

The reality is China can't be avoided.  They are inextricably tied to consumer goods and it's just not realistic to start a "Cold War" with them...just yet.  With that said, Obama can't be held hostage by them politically.