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Rahm Emanuel facing unwarranted criticism from Sarah Palin and others over retarded comment


Rahm Emanuel is the latest public figure to come under fire for a comment and really this one should be a non-story. 

Of course I'm talking about the "retarded" comment Rahm Emanuel made during a private meeting last year.  Yes, you read that right.  He used the word "retarded" during a private meeting last year and there are people calling for the man's firing.

Emanuel used the word retarded to describe Democrats opposed to the President Obama's healthcare plan.  Granted, he could have used a much better word, but this was in a private meeting.  It wasn't on a public stage and he didn't use the word to denigrate handicapped people.

There are far worse things said behind close doors.  I'm sure Dick Cheney has probably used the "N" word a million times in his days as a politician.  Do you think George Bush was an angel?  With the way he butchered the english language on live TV, you can be certain he used offensive language.  Why isn't he being publicly admonished? And, honestly I don't think politicians should be for what they say behind closed doors. 

Now Emanuel has to do the dog and pony show and join up with a disability-rights group with a half-baked campaign to end use of the "R-word."  Aren't there far better things to worry about than shaming public figures into not using "offensive" words?  How about raising money for research for people with disabilities?  No, that would actually accomplish something of merit. 

And, then there's Sarah Palin, who looks for an opportunity to bash a Democrat like a Navy Seal hunts for insurgents.  She's calling for Emanuel's firing. Had a Republican said this, Palin would've ignored it like she did Alaska for the last year and a half of her governorship. Palin shouldn't criticize anybody for using a wrong choice of words.  She has redefined what it means to say stupid things.

It's a case of a politician using profane language in a private meeting that is coming back to bite him.  Politically Correct America is looking to cash in once again with some publicity.  And, my message for Politically Correct America is to worry about issues that really matter.


11:08 AM
Thu Feb 4 2010
What's good for the goose is good for the gander

The Left has made an art form of policing our every word and elevating political correctness to a religion, not to mention labeling everyone who disagrees with the president a racist. So why shouldn't Palin go after Emanuel for his stupidly insensitive remarks? I would like to see all of this Politically Correct stuff come to an end, but if one side is going to persist you have to expect the other to play the game as well.