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Brace yourself Philadelphia: First major Winter Storm of 2010 is set to hit East Coast


The East Coast is bracing itself for a major Winter Storm, maybe the biggest in seven years. I have covered a plethora of topics during the first month of Winter Storm 2009Philly2Philly.com's Water Cooler feature.  I've written about everything from the NBC-Conan O'Brien meltdown to Pat Robertson's idiotic comments about the earthquake in Haiti to America's obsession with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Now, I get to talk about the 10,000 pound elephant that is capitvating the minds of Philadelphians like the Philadelphia Phillies did during their 2008 World Series run.

I'm talking about the Colossal East Coast Winter Storm (to-be) of 2010 which is headed for a crash course with the Northeastern United States sometime around tomorrow night.  To the right you'll see Weather.com's latest radar image of this behemoth.  Uh...yeah it's looking a little scary.

There have been many times when meteorolgogists have struck out like Mo Vaughn (the over the hill one) when forecasting weather events.  There is no way they'll miss on this one.  This goliath of a storm is going to hit the Philadelphia-area hard.  Think about it too.  We are due for a big-time storm. There was a big one in late 2009, but it hit Philadelphia and the southern parts harder.  If you were north of Philadelphia you saw maybe a foot of snow, which is rough, but not...that bad when you compare it to a few legendary storms from the past 14 years.

Philly winter storm 2009There was the North American blizzard of 1996 which dumped about 3 feet of snow on the Philadelphia-area.  Then, seven years later, there was the President's Day Storm of 2003 which also dumped 3 feet of snow throughout the Philadelphia region.

And, here we are seven years later (notice a pattern here) all signs point to a Winter Storm, which could once again paralyze the east coast. 

With that said, I want to say to all of you reading this (who are guilty of it) just why do you see the need to infiltrate supermarkets at a time like this and purchase about two week's worth of food?  It's not like we'll be snowed in for a week.  At most, we'll be crippled by this storm for two days even if it's a 3-footer. 

Let's not forget we just got through a major storm in December, so we're broken in just a bit.  Philly actually saw their biggest snowfall in recorded history in the month of December.  This one could top that though.

Photo by Philly2Philly.com's #1 Photographer Extraordinaire Aileen Bannon

Image of the storm (to come) from weather.com