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Tim Tebow's Super Bowl Ad divides NFL fans


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There is that old adage that you don't discuss two things in the workplace or in a bar-politics and religion.

Tim Tebow's controversial anti-abortion Super Bowl ad has left many NFL fans divided.

I wrote an article about the Tim Tebow's Super Bowl ad having no place on the broadcast a few weeks back.

This nice reader left me a nastygram last night with regards to my stance on Tebow:

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to dbakay@philly2philly.com

date Thu, Feb 4, 2010 at 11:21 PM

subject TIM TEBOW


Abortion protestThat's very Christian-like! Also, note the use of typing in all CAPS. This is a staple of really intelligent (sarcasm) people! Look, I won't lump all religious people (like this "person") together and say they're all fanatics. However, the ones who are so against abortion to the point of insanity are very dangerous people.

What Tebow and his mother have done here is created a debate that shouldn't belong on an NFL broadcast. When you insert religion into sports, it detracts from what the sport is all about; a distraction.

Sports are mere entertainment. They differ from movies in that you choose the movies you go to, therefore the message you want to hear. You don't need a message in sports. They day that sports become a stage for athletes to get up on soapboxes is the day sports cease to become mere entertainment.

And, Tebow should know better than that. He's an intelligent young man and an upstanding one at that, but he's playing with fire here.  We now have a holy war on our hands that's dividing religious, non-religous, pro-life, and pro-choice sports fans. And the Super Bowl is the last place where that should take place.

Protest photo from http://www.observer-reporter.com


8:04 PM
Fri Feb 5 2010
It's a free-speech issue

Dennis, the bottom line is that Tebow has a right to submit the ad and CBS has a right to air it. There might be a lot of folks who don't like it, but that's not the issue. I'm a little concerned how groups like Planned Parenthood have gone out of their way to get CBS to pull the ad. To their credit - and CBS isn't exactly a right-wing organization - they stuck to their guns. The progressives have pushed very hard for unlimited free-speech rights for decades. Yet when someone on the other side attempts to exercise those same rights - well, you see what happens. No, whoever wrote you that hate e-mail is wrong. It probably wasn't even serious. But you'll always find extremists of all persuasions. The majority of pro-life people are anything but violent. And recent Gallup polls show that the majority of Americans consider themselves pro-life. So if anything, Tebows' ad may be simply a matter of preaching to the choir. Frankly, I'm just going to enjoy the game and not worry about the politics. I just don't see what all the fuss is about.