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Google and Polamalu steal the show for Super Bowl ads, while Tim Tebow's wasn't that bad


The Super Bowl ads made a turn back towards the clever this year as our nation crawls out of the economic mess after hitting bottom last January.  One of the ones that stole the show last night in my humble opinion was the Troy Polamalu Groundhog Day parody. 

And, I must eat crowe for my recent remarks regarding the Tim Tebow commercial. The ad with he and his mother wasn't offensive to me and really I had no problem with it.  I took a very hard-line stance against his involvement with the ad previously and must admit that the ad did in fact belong on the Super Bowl broadcast.  I felt it was light-hearted and quite harmless. 

The Google love story ad was also quite impressive as it told the story of a long distance relationship between an American and a French woman.google ad

This ad, which consisted of a series of google searches was brilliant.  And, I for one don't think Google ever has to advertise on TV; that's how big they are.  But that search giant called Bing is catching up a little. 

Maybe that's why Google decided to hit a homerun last night. 

Suprisingly, there weren't many shots taken at Barack Obama (by companies looking to poke fun) for an economy that's sluggish to return.  Last year a lot of companies wanted to distract people from the horrors of the economy.  This year they got back to being absurd and clever. 



10:04 AM
Tue Sep 14 2010
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