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Jim Bunning-an enemy of working class people by blocking unemployment extension


Jim Bunning is best known in the Philadelphia area for being a very good pitcher for  the Philadelphia jim bunningPhillies eons ago.  He will forvever be remembered for tossing a perfect game for the Phillies on Father's Day in 1964.

Now, Bunning is known as Senator Jim Bunning of Kentucky and these days, not for the right reasons.

Last week he refused to go along with a unanimous consent to bring to vote a 30-day unemployment extension. He argued that he went against it because he wanted to the Fed to appropriate stimulus funds towards this extension.  His decision to block this legislation could cause 1.2 million Americans to cease having anymore unemployment benefits.  By doing this he is depriving over a million working people any type of income in a time of desperate need.

Bunning's response to pleas by fellow politicians to go along with the efforts was, "tough s**t." Some guy Senator Bunning is.  I hate to call him a creep and put him in the class of the Dick Cheney's of the world, but if the shoe fits...you get the idea.

While our spending is at record levels and needs to be put in check, the worst possible starting point for making cuts is on unemployment.

This isn't a question of serving Republican or Democratic interests; it's about helping working people in a time of need.  And, the unemployment in Bunning's state of Kentucky is at 10.7%, which is one percentage point above the national average.  So, he should know better.

Jim Bunning has fallen into the Republican trap of opposing any Obama policy for the sake of opposing it.  Not because it's the right thing to do, but just because it's the Republicans' way of sticking it to the left.  Utlimately the American people suffer.  For many Americans, their unemployment benefits expire today and they can thank Bunning for their suffering.

Added to that, many highway workers will go on unpaid furloughs today because of Jim Bunning. 

When you're a selfish elitist like Jim Bunning who doesn't have to worry about his next paycheck, then why would you give a bleep?

Photo of Bunning from http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/


5:41 PM
Mon Mar 1 2010
Who's the real "enemy of the working class?"

Direct quote from ABC news on-line: "Bunning has proposed funding the extension of government programs with as-yet-unused stimulus funds, a move Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid opposes." So yes, Bunning has blocked the bill because he wants the Senate to fulfill its promise to "pay as we go" - and most importantly WOULD pass the bill if stimulus funds were used to pay for it. But Reid refuses. Keep in mind that it was also Reid also who took a carving knife to the recently-passed bipartisan jobs bill. This is a control issue and Reid would rather use those 1.2 million Americans as a political football than loosen his grip on the stimulus funds. So who's the real "enemy of the working class?" Who's the real "selfish elitist... who doesn't have to worry about his next paycheck?"