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James Sikes Toyota Prius Runaway story won't absolve Toyota of scrutiny if it's a hoax


James Sikes, the man at the center of the latest scandal surrounding Toyota Prius is now embroiled at the center of  a controversy which many are calling a hoax.

James Sikes, who called 911 when his Toyota Prius was traveling over 90 miles per hour on a highway in California has a brutal financial history according to investigators.  View the video clip to listen to his 911 call.

Many are comparing this to another "Balloon Boy" story, which is a stretch.  Ultimately a leaked government memo is the smoking gun in all of this.  This memo claims that the accelerator on James Sikes' Toyota Prius could not go haywire.

Sikes did file for bankruptcy in 2008.  An "anonymous tipster" told Jalopink.com that he is $700k in debt today.  Looking at this objectively one has to conclude that if he owed thousands on the Prius, it's certainly a possibility that he concocted this scheme to get out from the loan on his car.  This is the same guy who ran up $115,500 in debt on credit cards. 

Even if Sikes turns out to be a scammer, this story won't detract from the real problems Toyota has on their hands.  Afterall, they have recalled millions of vehicles due to mechanical issues.

This story does provide for some interesting fodder though.