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Beware Chatroulette Perverts-you can now be located on Chatroulettemap.com.


The latest internet fad Chatroulette.com is blowing up faster than Ke$ha song.  And, already it has a spinoff site. 

To many, Chatroulette is a fun service, which connects people around the world.  You can talk to several people in the matter of an hour from not just many states around the U.S. but in other continents.

I myself simply see this site for what it is; a haven for pervs.  On Preston and Steve's show on 93.3 WMMR today, many callers remarked about the service and the odds of finding a guy doing something nasty on a webcam.  They even were able to find a college kid from North Dakota and get him on the phone while he was on Chatroulette.  Chatroulette Map

The site has come under fire from authorities for being a magnet for child predators.

But now, all of the perverts using Chatroulette should step back and realize there is a site out there called Chatroulettemap.com which shows the location of random Chatroulette users.

Therefore, if you're thinking about using this service as an outlet for your sick fantasies, then you can be located on a map. 

On the flip side though, predators can see where potential victims reside. 

All in all, this Chat Roulette is a very slippery slope and there's bound to be some bad things to transpire from it's existence in cyberspace.  It's the nature of the beast.