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PlaySay.com reinvents how to learn new languages, and its founder lives in Philly!


Have you ever wanted to learn a language besides having to be forced to in school? Ryan Meinzer of Playsay.com   Photo: http://www.playsay.com/blog/in-the-news/press-materials

Have you ever bought a language learning book to fine tune some words for that trip to Spain?

Well now you can learn whether you are literally on a plane, train, or automobile. Philadelphia resident, Ryan Meinzer is the founder of PlaySay.com. He says he needed to learn Japanese fast, but hardly had any free time.

“I wanted to learn Japanese in the many sporadic idle minutes of my day, one word at a time, one minute at a time,” says Meinzer, “…and I didn’t have the $300 for those attractive yellow Rosetta Stone boxes.” Two years later, and two years more proficient in Japanese, Meinzer now runs his own language learning software company. “PlaySay empowers busy people to unlock value from any idle minute with the most practical language learning on the go,” says Meinzer. Before PlaySay, Ryan Meinzer led the international business of a Japanese marketing firm in Tokyo, Japan with Fortune 500 and major multinational clientele.

See a video demonstration of PlaySay on the Philly2Philly flipcam:

Through its private beta, many language departments of major universities across the United States have been rapidly integrating the products into their curriculums for students. With the ability to trash their paper flashcards, students around the world are raving about PlaySay.com: “I have been searching for what you have done for years. This is great!” says a PlaySayer from France.

Over 10 major universities in the USA have integrated PlaySay’s platform into their language departments through PlaySay’s private beta “Student Rewards Program”. In the recent Mid-Atlantic Mobile Monday DEMO, PlaySay won 3rd place and publicly opened their platform to be white labeled by universities across the USA. With its eclectic team, PlaySay is expanding into new languages each month.

Briefly, PlaySay empowers busy people to learn their dream language on the go. Anytime. Anywhere. On any mobile device. PlaySay turns cell phones into sexy walking, talking foreign language teachers. Try it at http://playsay.com.

PlaySay is currently collecting success stories from its more than 4,000 registered users. If PlaySay helped you fine-tune a few words to woo a loved one, or helped you pass a test (i.e. JLPT), get your dream job, start your own business, or get around a foreign country, etc., they want to hear from you!

You can send an email with your profile and a brief story to contact@playsay.com

PlaySay was launched in 2008, and is fully sustainable. It was initially funded by a PayPal Japan Executive, and has been featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Tokyo Metropolis. PlaySay has 4,000+ users with 3,000+ products sold to date, and is currently seeking funding to continue its sustainable and profitable expansion (invest@playsay.com)