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Jesse James is the Mark McGwire of 2010 after being exposed for cheating on Sandra Bullock


Sandra Bullock and Jesse James were a great American story.  In an era when celebrity marriages go up in smoke faster than start-up small businesses, this story was sandra bullock jesse jamesmagical.  Sandra Bullock (who waited forever to get married to the right guy) and Jesse James were yin and yang.  They were so different, yet such a "cool" couple.  It really was a wonderful story and almost too good to be true. When something sounds too good to be true it generally is. 

That proved to be the case with the marriage of Sandra Bullock and tough-guy turned TV star Jesse James who was having an 11-month affair with a trashy tattoo model named Michelle Bombshell McGee. Now their 4 1/2 year long marriage is likely over after Bullock moved out of their home.

I won't go to the lengths many websites like this website did (playing the sensationalist angle) and say that Jesse James was cheating with a nazi sympathizer. However, I will say that he is in Mark McGwire territory as far as frauds go. And, that is the elite class of frauds.

For Jesse james to sit there with a straight face while his wife thanked him at the Oscars and all of the other Awards cerimonies is an utter abomination. After he has come under fire from basically everybody in the media and anybody with a soul, Jesse James has apologized, but who cares really?

Mark McGwire was the All-American kid, the one who broke the single-season Major League homerun record with 70 homeruns.  He and Sammy Sosa captivated the hearts and minds of Americans during the summer of 1998 with their "race to 61."  This was the year that many people had moved on from the pain of the 1994 strike.  As we all know this turned out to be a fraud.  

Who can forget when McGwire embarrassed himself in front of the American public during the infamous Senate hearing on steroids?

Congratulations Jesse James, you are in the elite company of frauds with the likes of Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Alex Rodriguez, (notice a pattern here) and of course Tiger Woods-who tried to cast a squeaky clean family image upon America.

Maybe there is no such thing as a "really good thing" anymore.  Face it, when something is so good to be true it generally is.  Think about that ebay auction you won when you thought you were getting the deal of a lifetime.  Then a month later that $1500 laptop you purchased for $400 on ebay turned out to be a piece of junk. 

C'est la vie as they say.

Photo of Jesse James and Sandra Bullock from http://www.mamapop.com