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Leno returns with big ratings, now Howard Stern is on Conan O'Brien's side


Jay Leno made his return last night to The Tonight Show and kicked David Letterman's butt in the ratings, scoring a 5.7 share to Letterman's 3.0.

I'll tell you one household where Leno's Tonight Show wasn't on, and that's in mine.  I felt that what Leno (you're delusional if you think Leno didn't play a part) and NBC did to Conan was disgraceful and completely out of bounds.

Now, Conan O'Brien has Howard Stern in his corner, who wasted little time ripping Leno in his return to late night TV.

Howard Stern was on the CBS Early Show today and destroyed Leno, saying Leno "makes him want to vomit."

Probably the nicest thing he said was that he "doesn't like this guy" and that he "doesn't disguise it" when referring to Leno. 

Stern summed up the whole NBC-Leno-Conan saga by stating, ""Jay Leno seems to be the kind of showbiz animal that won't let go," Stern said, suggesting Leno should have initially walked away when NBC decided to replace him. "Jay is a lap dog."

It would be great for Conan to go on Stern's show and discuss the situation, at least as much as he can.  Bear in mind, Conan signed an agreement with NBC, which forbids him from saying nasty things about his former employer.

Conan O'Brien is said to be in talks with Fox, but there are no new developments.  When there are, be sure to check out The Watercooler.