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Tea Party has become a movement of racism and hate focused at Obama, not Healthcare Reform


It has finally happened.  The Tea Party movement has shown its ugly colors yesterday as members of its movement hurled racial epithets at several black congressman Obama White Slavery Signduring their so-called health care protest yesterday in Washington D.C. And, as the House votes on Healthcare Reform today the Tea Party's message has been twarted by racism. 

Republican National Chairman Michael Steele has a nightmare on his hands.  And, so do the Tea Party supporters who aren't racist.  To be fair, the majority of Tea Party protesters aren't racist, but they have a public image problem that won't go away.  It's serious business when David Gregory on NBC "Meet the Press" talks about the disgusting events that took place yesterday when raciual slurs were hurled at Democratic lawmakers like cheers at a football game. 

The Tea Party protests started out as part of the anti-tax Tea Party Movement.  Now, these protests have disintegrated into nothing more than hate mongering and white pride displays for many of their members who direct their hatred toward President Obama because of the color of his skin.  And, despite what the ardent supporters will try and tell you, this isn't the first time it's happened. 

The images and video clips throughout this article don't lie.  Any reasonably intelligent human being can surmise that you won't see any of this psychobabble and racial bigotry on display at an EPA protest.

In this video clip, taken at a Tea Party rally in Baton Rouge, this young man approaches a man (turns out to be a conspiracy theorist) flying a confederate flag and politely asks the Tea Party supporter why he chooses to fly the Confederate Flag, which is the national symbol for hate and bigotry.  Suffice it to say the Tea Party supporter didn't like being questioned about this.

In this slideshow below, there are various posters displayed that you would expect to see at a KKK rally, but certainly not a protest where people are supposedly protesting the policies of a presidential administration.  What exactly does a sign stating "We need a Christian President" have to do with the budget deficit? 

Obama massa signFinally I leave you with this image taken from a Tea Party protest in Washington D.C.  Just when you think that human beings can operate on the intellectual level of plankton, you are suprised to find that there are human beings who can operate on an even lower level.  Again, what exactly this has to do with protesting health care reform, bank bailouts, or high taxes is beyond me.  Maybe I just don't get it!

Ultimately, what started out as a well-intentioned movement has been reduced to a haven for uneducated bottom feeders.  Any "positive" message the non-racist Tea Partiers hope to get across is drowned out by a cacophony of nasty insults, jeers, and racist psychobabble. 

White slavery sign photo from http://www.newyorkslime.com

Kumbaya sign photo from http://littlegreenfootballs.com