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"Flash Mob" incidents in Philadelphia are not Flash Mobs-they are violent riots


In the past month there have been several public, violent riots in Center City Philadelphia.  The Philadelphia and national media have misidentified what these violent and public riots actually are.  They have been called "Flash Mobs." The latest public, violent riot (not a flash mob) took place over the past weekend. 

The first one of the violent and public gatherings took place in February on the streets of Center City and resulted in a riot inside a Macy's.  The latest one took place on South Street.

Let's just dispell this myth shall we.  Flash Mobs are not public and violent uprisings.  And, they are not riots.  A flash mob is defined as a large group of people who violent mob  philadelphiaassemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and pointless act for a brief time, then quickly disperse.  Flash mobs began as a form of performance art and then evolved into a form of promotion. 

When angry and violent children like this organize in a public place to commit acts of violence it does not constitute an unusual and pointless act, although it is pointless.

These angry violent children intend on commiting acts of senseless violence for pure pleasure.

Finally, I'll leave you with what a true flash mob is.  Let the video speak for itself.  Not a single person was injured, which wasn't the intent. 

Photo of public, violent riot in Philadelphia from http://www.upenn.edu