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Jesse James Nazi Photo Scandal will put Tiger Woods scandal to shame


If the reports are true, then Jesse James is about to have a nuclear bomb of a scandal blow up in his face.  The Jesse James scandal is about to change from a jesse jamestropical storm to a full-blown hurricane. He went from beloved husband of an Academy Award winning superstar actress to the most despised man in America in the matter of one week.

Now, it could possibly get ugly-really ugly.  Allegedly, someone has a photo in the form of  James doing a Nazi salute  that is ready to make the rounds around the internet any day now. Who would have thought that a celebrity out there could usurp Tiger Woods for the title of worst scandal?  It's one thing to pretend you're a family man like Tiger Woods and go around cheating, but a whole different ballgame when you're associated with White Power and Nazis. And when you are labeled a nazi supporter and grouped in with the likes of Michelle Bombshell McGee (who sports a nazi-inspired tattoo) then you're in trouble. 

If this is indeed true, Jesse James may never recover from this one.  Most importantly, Sandra Bullock-the victim in all of this is doing the right thing by staying out of the public eye.  It would be in her best interest to move on.  He's radioactive at this point.

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Photo of Jesse James from http://avagacser.files.wordpress.com


9:45 AM
Thu Nov 25 2010
Jesse James is surely in for

Jesse James is surely in for lot of trouble if this issue gets highlighted. He already has a scandal with his ex girlfriend Michelle "Bombshell" McGee who claims to have 11 months affair with him. He and Sandra bullock already have a break up and planning for divorce but nothing is in public now.  If this nazi photo scandal issue gets worsened, it will also affect Sandra Bullock image and her new movie release.D