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MF Global Holdings should hope Jon Corzine does better job as CEO than New Jersey Governor


Former New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine will really be rolling in the dough again as he has been hired of MF Global Holdings. jon corzine

Corzine is the newly-hired CEO of MF Global Holdings, a broker in futures, options, and derivatives.

Hopefully Corzine runs MF Global better than the state of New Jersey, where they had a severe budget deficit and corruption ran rampant.

Some highlights from Corzine's Governorship included:

*Presiding over the 2006 New Jersey State Government Shutdown-the first in the history of New Jersey. 

*Attempting to monetize the New Jersey Turnpike.

*And, who can forget the car accident he was in when his vehicle was traveling at over 90 M.P.H.

Corzine did earn several hundred million in his career as a businessman.  You can't be a dummy and earn that type of money, but he sure wasn't the brightest when it came to running New Jersey.