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Desperate Right Wingers use Joe Biden F Bomb as ammo against health care reform


Joe Biden is under attack for a verbal slip-up yesterday-when he dropped an F-bomb joe biden on TV just before President Obama signed the historic health care bill into law.

The right wingers are getting desperate out there after their Tea Party demonstrations failed to derail Democratic efforts to change health care in this country so they're turning their attention to Joe Biden and his infamous f bomb.

Now, they're attacking Joe Biden for his f bomb on camera Tuesday as he said under his breathe "this is a big f'ing deal" to President Obama just before he introduced President Obama live on TV.  The reality is, Biden got caught up in the moment and slipped up.  End of story.  If you want to talk about a real travesty then let's talk about Dick Cheney's hunting accident when he shot a friend of his then tried to cover it up.  That's a travesty.  When the shoe is on the other foot...you know how it goes.

This blog called "Left Coast Rebel" states that "Biden wouldn't be qualified to scrape the horse dung off the boots from the founders of the country."  How eloquent.  I suppose that's the best you can expect out of the hate-mongering Right anymore.

On this particular blog a reader had this brilliant comment "we could have had Sarah Palin but we don't. Instead we have this foul mouthed idiot that doesn't have a clue in the world." Right.  The same Sarah Palin who based her foreign policy expertise on Alaska's proximity to Russia.

And, then there's Fox News which thinks Biden should be burned at the stake for his slip up.

Maybe the right wingers should try to get back to basics and improve their Tea Party image because their demonstrations resemble KKK rallies these days.