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Militia movement influence could destroy image of Tea Party and hurt Sarah Palin


Could militia movements be influencing the Tea Party now? More than ever, there are growing threats being issued against Democrats and supporters of health care reform.

The Tea Party that Sarah Palin has used to energize the conservatives could ruin her image if actions aren't taken to control the underbelly of violence, racism, and threats within it.

The F.B.I. is now investigating serious threats by right-wing extremists who are responsible for a series of death threats directed at Democrats. 

In fact, things are getting so out of control within the Tea Party movement that some extremists targeted Tom Perriello's home, but mistakenly vandalized his brother's home.

When things come to this it goes way over the line and enters the territory of domestic terrorism.  And, the Obama Administration should send a message to Sarah Palin, Michael Steele, and the Tea Party (that they prop up) that this extremist behavior is unacceptable.

Other acts of vandalism directed towards Democrats are on the rise and many supporters of the Tea Party movmement encourage this.  Alabama blogger Mike Vanderboegh (a former militia leader) encouraged Tea Partiers to break the windows of Healthcare Bill supporters.

John Avlon of The Daily Beast had a chance to speak to Vanderboegh and what he uncovered is unsettling.

More and more The Tea Party is becoming associated with people like these in the video below.  And, Sarah Palin should be on notice.