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Jesse James and Tiger Woods: the faces of cheating men in America


Jesse James has taken the baton from Tiger Woods for being the most-bashed celebrity in the media and he has more in common with Tiger than just have multiple mistresses.   jesse james and sandra bullock

The Jesse James scandal has taken on a whole new life and it's gaining momentum much like Tiger Woods' scandal did in early-December. 

First there was the intitial revelation: Tiger Woods got in a car accident outside his home.  In the case of Jesse James:  Sandra Bullock moved out of the home she shared with him and it was revealed he had an affair.

And, then there was that initial mistress.  The first woman tied to Tiger Woods was Rachel Uchitel.  And, Michelle "Bombshell" McGee was Jesse James' first mistress.  In fact, it was accepted that this is the reason why Sandra Bullock moved out.

Now we're onto mistress #4 for Jesse James and the list will grow.  More women will come out of the woodwork faster than people claiming to be inheritents of Howard Hughes' massive fortune following his death.

And, now things are getting really out of hand for James.  He's being associated with Michelle Bombshell McGee and her alleged interest in nazism.  And, rumor has it that there is a nazi photo of Jesse James out there. 

Tiger Woods and Jesse James have a lot more in common than being a couple of celebrities from the state of California who have a lot of mistresses.  Woods and James are the faces of cheating men in America. When we think of cheating, we think of Tiger and Jesse. 

It doesn't take a lot to do it these days. Just six months ago we still thought Tiger was squeaky clean and three weeks ago we thought Jesse James and Sandra Bullock were the coolest couple in Hollywood. 

You have to get really wealthy, be in the spotlight, get caught, and then all the women you were with have to come running out of the woodwork.  Maybe in another month someone will usurp Tiger Woods then we won't even think about him anymore once he starts winning tournaments again.