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Judge who gave Gilbert Arenas probation, was former defense attorney who defended violent criminals


Gilbert Arenas was basically given a slap on the wrist today by Judge Robert E. Morin who sentenced Arenas to 30 days in a halfway house and two years probation. gilbert arenas court

Just why did Judge Robert E. Morin give Gilbert Arenas such a lenient sentence? After all, if he were an average citizen, he'd certainly be facing jail time since it was his second gun charge.

Turns out that Judge Morin is a former defense attorney who defended alleged criminals, with a focus on death penalty cases.

In 1992, Robert E. Morin (then a defense attorney) defended a man named Francisco Rodriguez who was a participant in the murder of a state trooper. Rodriguez ended up getting a plea deal.

Morin also was an attorney who got a convicted rapist (Kirk Bloodsworth) tested and ultimately freed on DNA fingerprinting evidence.

Judge Robert E. Morin, who's job was to get the most lenient sentence possible for alleged criminals clearly had a soft spot for Arenas. 

Had Arenas faced a different judge, then me might be facing jail time.