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Sarah Palin and The Tea Party have finally hijacked The Republican Party


Sarah Palin and The Tea Party are a match made in heaven.  One needs the other and the other needs her.  And, as of this past weekend they have nowsarah palin successfully hijacked The Republican Party.  Media outlets are drawn to Sarah Palin and The Tea Party as if they are running the Republican Party.

Sarah Palin's meteroric rise to fame was stunted somewhat when she stepped away from her governorship in Alaska, but has received a major boost from the Tea Party.

The Tea Party is the face of the Republican Party in an era of political strife which we haven't seen since the 1960's. And, Sarah Palin is their Abby Hoffman. 

With that said, this political movement is based on hatred, fear-mongering, and misinformation. And, what a better person to carry out their bidding than Sarah Palin who is as clueless of a "politician" as there is in America. 

Over the past weekend, The Tea Party Express kicked off a 40-city tour dubbed as the Conservative Woodstock.  Palin spoke at the first event in Searchlight, Nevada which happens to be Nevada Senator Harry Reid's hometown. 

Now that Palin is the face of The Tea Party and thereby The Republican Party we can be treated to more "brilliant" soundbites from her.  When Democrats fear that the Tea Party and Palin will spell doom for their chances of retaining power, then they should rest assured that she'll do plenty of damage by herself whenever she speaks.

Sure, she's passionate, but she just regurgitates the same tired opinions of blabbermouths like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck. 

"Don't ever let anybody tell you to sit down and shut up America", was the main soundbite taken from Palin's speech on Saturday.  If you watched the news Saturday night then you probably heard it at least a few times.  However, if you watch the whole speech it's a rambling mess and she repeats how they must stick to their principles, "reload", stand tall, (insert more cliches) and rise up against the Obama Administration. She ultimately offers nothing of substance other than saying Democrats are burying us deeper in debt and trampling our liberties. 

Furthermore, she along with most Republicans fail miserably when offering an alternative to the Democratic health care plan.  Their only response is to bash the policy and say it will bury our nation deeper in debt.  Nowhere do they offer a solution to rising health care costs.  And, Sarah Palin certainly does a good job with carrying the baton for them.

Remember, this is the same woman who embarrassed herself on national TV when she told Katie Couric that she was well versed in foreign policy because she could see Russia from her house. 

She'll continue to discredit herself whenever she's put on the spot and asked to really explain her position.

When it comes to spouting off cliches to crowds of ignorant bible bangers, racists, gun nuts, and anti-abortion zealots then she'll be fine.  But, when she has to represent the Republican Party by telling America how she'll affect change then she'll do enough damage to herself on her own.

No longer is the Republican Party being represented by people who believe in tough laws on criminals, fiscal sanity, smaller government, and other positive Republican values.  Rather it has been hijacked by a woman who dislikes gay people, caters to religious zealots, militia supporters, and leads a "movement" which tarnishes the Republican Party more with each passing day.