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More interested in Earth's axis than Chile's earthquake victims, who have been shunned by celebrities and media


Chile earthquake relief? What earthquake relief you might ask? One staggering statistic is standing out after the first several days following Chile's devastating earthquake chile earthquakeand that's the lack of donations coming in. It's been reported that only $100,000 has been donated via cellphones to Chile's relief effort since the earthquake.  Haiti, on the other than had $20 million come in via cellphones after 5 days.

Chile's earthquake victims just aren''t receiving much media attention.  And, the star power isn't there either. Can you name one celebrity who has come out in support of sending money to Chile? Can you think of one telethon being organized to raise money for the people devastated by one of the largest earthquakes in recorded history?

Instead of worrying about the loss of life and people who are in desperate need of help, everybody is talking about how this earthquake shifted the Earth's axis by three inches and that our days are going to be shorter by a fraction of a second!

Wyclef Jean, Ryan Seacrest, Brad Pitt, and George Clooney got involved with donations to Haiti almost immediately.  Much of it is due to the fact that thousands of people were reported to have been killed immediately.

In Chile, around 1,000 people have been killed.  While it's terrible and any lives lost from a tragedy is too much, the mortality rate pales in comparison to Haiti, where 200,000 were reportedly killed.  What's most remarkable is that Chile's 8.8 magnitude earthquake is said to be 500 times more powerful than the 7.0 magnitude earthquake, which struck Haiti.

As a result the victims are being shunned by the media, celebrities, and charities. While the loss of life is much less, it's reprehensible that the people there aren't receiving widespread help.

Efforts to stabilize Haiti are still ongoing.  Haiti was in bad shape before the earthquake and has been reduced to a primitive country as a result of the earthquake.

The difference is that Chile's buildings are far more equipped to withstand the pounding as Chile is one of the richest nations in the Western Hemisphere.

There are still thousands of people in Chile who need help.  They may be better off than Haiti, but it's an abomination to see them being shunned. 

To donate to Chile's earthquake fund go to Redcross.org or text "CHILE" to 90999. 

Photo from http://abcnews.go.com