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Hutaree Militia highlights disturbing trend among right-wing extremists against President Obama


Fortunately, the FBI knew about the Hutaree Militia's plot to kill police officers next month. And, it was even more fortunate that they were able to arrest all nine members of the Michigan-based militia group which vowed to take on the agents of the Antichrist. 

The raids took place over the weekend and now the ninth member of the Hutaree Militia has turned himself in.

In this era of Anti-Obama extremism, the far right is getting scarier and scarier.  Hutaree MilitiaMuch of it is surrounded around the White Power movement with message boards like this one called "Stormfront" it's quite easy for them to exchange ideas. 

I won't hide the fact that I'm not a fan of The Tea Party, which is a haven for many religious extremists and racists.  However, I won't be fooled into thinking all Tea Partiers are bandana-wearing militia types who make it their quest to overthrow the government.

However, with hatred towards Democrats at an all-time high, there is a growing, scary trend in our country among the far right.  Rather than solving problems through political discourse, this growing minority wants to solve their problems through extreme violence against our government. 

Just recently, Daniel Cowart, a Tennessee man confessed to plotting to kill 100 black people along with President Obama.

And, let's turn to conservative blogger Soloman "Solly" Forell who called for the assassination of President Obama on Twitter.

The Hutaree Militia had hundreds of followers on Facebook and Myspace, which indicates they weren't just a group of nine people who were out to take down the government.  There are many more people out there who share their warped values. 

Like many militias, The Hutaree felt they were on a mission for God.  Hutaree is a translation for "Christian Warrior" and they wanted to kill law enforcement officials seen as part of the New World Order.

The extremism in this country will not go away and it will only get worse as these fanatics were stirred up when a black president got elected.  And, now that President Obama got his first piece of legislation passed, they are angrier than a gang of hornets who just had their bee hive whacked with a broom.

Photo of Hutaree Militia from http://www.foxnews.com