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Move over Lady Gaga, Erykah Badu has you beat with her Uncut Window Seat Video


Erykah Badu may just have created the most controversial music video of all-time and that's not an easy thing to do. Erykah Badu's Window Seat Video, where she stripped naked on the street in Dallas where JFK was shot has created a plethora of controversy.  And, Badu may be facing criminal charges over it.  Now apparently there's an uncut version of Badu's video, which is really drawing interest for obvious reasons. 

In this age of shock value and controversy it's becoming a game of outdoing one another for the most attention in the world of entertainment. In the social media driven age of the internet it's highly competitive and harder than ever to get "noticed." Therefore, if you do something radical or controversial it's a good way to get publicity, albeit not positive.

When you think of controversial, you think of Lady Gaga, who is the Madonna of this generation and known for her ridiculous outfits, wild concerts, and outrageous videos. However, Erykah Badu has her beat by a mile with her video.  You can't get much more shocking than stripping naked during an impromptu video shoot in front of strangers on the street of a big city. 

Added to that, she's throwing the JFK Assassination element into the mix, which takes it to a "whole 'nother" level. 

Ultimately, Lady Gaga and Erykah Badu are immensely talented singers who should just let their art speak for themselves.  They are so talented that they don't even have to go the controversial route to get noticed. 

But, in this saturated world of media, maybe that's what it's come down to in order to reach the top headlines.