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Hype over Philadelphia Almanac prediction for snowstorm on March 7th illustrates a public gone mad


There has been much buzz made over the predictions of an Exeter township Pennsylvania man who predicted the first two blizzards to hit the Philadelphia area.  And, he's predicting lester moyeranother snowstorm to hit the Philadelphia region on March 7th.

NBC 10 recently interviewed this great messenger of snowstorm predictions. And, if you caught the segment like I did then you will see that this guy is a loon. It's absolutely insane that the predictions from this guy have spread like wildfire.  I'm stupified that not only people are putting stock into this, but the amount of people talking about it like it's the ultimate truth.

This man Lester Moyer has been predicting an epic 40 inch snowstorm in the Philadelphia region on March 7th.  He has a publication called the Philadelphia almanac, which he bases on moon phases, cloud formations, and animal behavior.  Pictured to your right is this great purveyor of weather predictions.  Now that you've seen him, would you even entrust this guy with raking the leaves in your yard?

Sorry to burst everbody's bubbles, but the chances of an epic blizzard hitting Philadelphia on March 7th are zilch.  Weather.com is predicting temperatures in the 50's on March 7th.  I'll put my money on weather.com over some low rent wannabe meterologist with a half-baked Almanac any day of the year.

The old adage is that if you sling enough you know what against a wall it might just stick.  Lester Moyer is in the crap-slinging business and business is booming for him these days.

Here is NBC 10's interview of Lester Moyer.  I would hope you come to your senses after viewing it if you're still a believer.

View more news videos at: http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/video.