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Anti-Obama bloggers running wild with irresponsible ESPN story about President Obama's fishing ban


There's a wild, crazy internet rumor making the rounds around the internet tonight regarding President Obama.  The anti-Obama extremists are out in obamafull effect and running wild with an ESPN story about Obama's plans to ban fishing in the United States. 

Shown is a brilliant comment by an Obama basher, on nowpublic.com "I think Obama is a idiot and a disgrace to our country. Banning fishing is a violation of our rights and shouldn't be possible. If that happens our hunting rights is in danger. What's next? I hope people dont vote him in again."

Calm down there.  Obama isn't about to ban fishing. The truth is, the Obama Adminstration is backing a plan to ban the fishing of bluefin tuna in efforts to preserve remaining stocks.  The New York Times reported yesterday that the Obama Administration backed a proposed trading ban on bluefin tuna by Monaco. Just how that translates into Obama wanting to stop American citizens from fishing for muskies in local lakes is beyond me.

Then you have the likes of "Right Pundits" who use this rumor as another excuse to trash President Obama. The title of this article reads, "Obama to ban fishing? What next?"

And, the writer of this article goes on to say, "Given that there are some 60,000,000 Americans who enjoy sport fishing, not to mention all those recreational boaters who can afford gas and loan payments on their craft, will feel the pinch from Uncle Sam, you have to wonder why on earth Obama wants to pick a fight with them?....Where ever this lunacy winds up going, it is yet another sign that Obama is way out of touch with reality and with the American people. He’s already wasted his first 14 months of office, befuddled by the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Once again, he has allowed himself to be side-tracked by side-shows to appease the Far Left loons."

On the other hand, you have responsible websites such as examiner.com who intelligently refuted the Obama fishing ban ESPN story as an irresponsible story.  Jeffrey Weeks from the Charlotte Fishing Examiner wrote, " But to go from concern to suggesting that President Obama is about to ban fishing in America is the most absurd and irresponsible thing I have ever seen a major news outlet publish. There is not even a remote possibility that a standing president of the United States will outlaw fishing in America."

I couldn't have said it better myself. 

Utlimately it doesn't matter what President Obama does.  If he comes up with a plan to cut our deficit in half while knocking down unemployment to below 5% and putting our country back on the right track, the right will still malign and vilify him. Heck, Obama could come up with the cure to cancer and right wing zealots woudl probably say he's only doing it because a lobbyist is paying him to do it. 

Ultimately, ESPN should apologize for putting this story on their site about Obama's sinister plot to ban fishing. The article title reads "Culled Out-Obama Administration will accept no more public input for federal fishing strategy." The opening paragraph of the story reads, "The Obama administration will accept no more public input for a federal strategy that could prohibit U.S. citizens from fishing the nation's oceans, coastal areas, Great Lakes, and even inland waters."

It's irresponsible reporting and just feeds into the Obama hatred of the right.  Face it, most of them will read that first paragraph, think Obama is going to ban fishing, and just run with it.  Which many of them did.

And, ESPN should issue an apology to not just the American people bu to President Obama himself. Shame on them.