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Phil Mickelson Affair Rumors After Masters Win: Digusting Attempt By Blogs To Get Hits


Phil Mickelson had just celebrated his win at the 2010 Masters and there were digusting rumors swirling on the internet about him being involved in an affair.  Phil Mickelson's alleged affair and illegitimate child were being put out there as if they were actual, true news. 

We are in an era where the internet has gone wild.  There are millions of blogs ridden with no accountability whatsoever.

The Phil Mickelson Affair rumor and rumors about an illegitimate child are nothing more than a cheap attempt by websites such as Gather.com to garner website hits. 

The website gather.com said "rumors have surfaced." Just who "surfaced" these rumors might I ask?

This blog called blog.belajarseo.com throws out the bogus Phil Mickelson rumor (to obviously attract traffic) and just says "several websites that posting about Phil Mickelson affair, none of them give a proof."

Then we have this class act of a blogger on Popcorn99.com putting an article out with the title, "Phil Mickelson had affairs!" Pretty attention-grabbing headline right? In their "article" they assert "Based on several websites that announcement about Phil Mickelson affair, none of them accord a proof."  In their case, they lead you in with the attention-grabbing title then just put it out there that websites announced it.  

Nowhere do either of these three blogs cite who these websites are.  They just assert several websites are putting it out there.

The internet is the new wild west and with that comes a lot of disgusting content.  For every CNN or ESPN out there, there are bottom-feeding blogs which throw crap against a wall hoping that it sticks.

This is taking it to the extremes.  And, the aforementioned blogs should be ashamed of themselves for engaging in this behavior.

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