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TBS has their Oprah after signing Conan O'Brien and will be 5th Network


Conan O'Brien's surprise move to TBS is seen by many as not just stunning, but puzzling. As soon as he was forced out by NBC on The Tonight Show, many in the industry I'm With Cocoassumed that Fox would swoop in and make him their Late Night answer to Jay Leno and David Letterman.

While he may not be Oprah Winfrey, he was still the most sought after commodity in TV.  And, TBS won the sweepstakes.

Not so fast.  TBS put on the full court press and the rest is history. TBS wanted Conan that much more and was willing to give him ownership of the show.  Fox on the other hand, daudled and lollygagged for the past two months and never really got all that serious about acquiring Conan.  Their loss was TBS' gain and boy will they seriously gain from this.

TBS is slowly becoming the "other" network and this move will not only make them the premiere cable network; it will make them the "Fifth Network."

Make no mistake about it-they are still a cable network.  TBS doesn't carry local news and doesn't have the history and credibility of the other four networks, but Conan O'Brien's status as the most talented man on Late Night TV will make them a legitimate network.  It also strengthens their comedic brand as they are the home to syndicated reruns of The Office and Family Guy. 

Not to mention, they (along with Fox) are home to the Major League Baseball Playoffs, which is not chopped liver.

Conan will make his debut in November at 11 P.M. and four nights a week.  And, for those of you who watch George Lopez then fear not.  Lopez will follow Conan at midnight. 

You can't help to wonder why TBS can't put Family Guy on at 11 PM and then just have Conan go up against Leno and Letterman.  This ends up putting him against Jon Stewart who has much of the same audience.

TBS now has a superstar with which to build around.  Conan is their Oprah. 

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