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Tea Party and Sarah Palin set for showdown with Obama Administration on Tax Day


If you have been growing tired of hearing Sarah Palin soundbites, then you better brace yourself. 

Tomorrow will be a huge day for Palin and The Tea Party, who came to prominence last year on Tax Day-April 15th.

President Obama has his hands full with an economy that's mired in a jobless recovery.  There is a growing amount of people who are tired of seeing people out of work, while bankers are reaping the benefits of bailouts or so they say.  Then again, The Obama Administration will counter by saying that 2.5 million jobs were saved or created by The Economic Stimulus.

The Tea Party is looking to capitalize by appeasing to this growing contingent.  There are going to be Tea Party rallies all across America tomorrow as they protest the way the Fed is spending our tax dollars.

In a time when working class people are struggling, Tea Partiers want to get the message out to all of you that The Obama Administration isn't helping you, but rather helping poor people who don't share your work ethic.

Even the New York Times is buying into The Tea Party by saying more of them are educated and affluent and not the bottom-feeding racist rednecks that have been associated with this political movement.

April 15th is showtime for Palin and her Tea Party cohorts.