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Tea Partiers turn Tax Day into "Tea Party Day"


Tax Day on April 15th is a dreaded day for many Americans. It's the final day when many procrastinate to get their taxes in by, mainly because they owe money to Uncle Sam. For others it's irrelevant.  Many of us who knew we were getting a hefty tax return couldn't wait to get our W2's in by the end of January. 

Today the Tea Party held hundreds of tax-day rallies today, which marks a year since the populist Tea Party movement gained widespread attention for its opposition to President Obama's economic policies. 

The Stimulus Package has become The Tea Party's Hitler, Stalin, and Khrushchev all rolled into one.

And, on Tax Day they took to the streets to engage in "Tax Day rallies.' From Chicago to Memphis to Atlanta to Washington D.C., the Tea Partiers tried to get their message out to America that spending is out of control and we need to "take our country back."

Whether this translates to more people buying into The Tea Party Movement is another question.  They have been under fire for racism and threats of violence against Democratic politicians, which are cryptonite for any political movement in Middle America, which ultimately decides who holds power.

The Tea Party is still too far on the right for much of Middle America's liking.