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Matthew Clemens' Family Comes To His Defense Following Vomiting Incident


Matthew Clemens, the 21-year-old Phillies fan who is gaining national attention for vomiting on off-duty police officer and his 11-year old daughter is now in jail. drunken phillies  fan

Clemens is the posterboy for why Philadelphia fans are the scourge of the Earth-well according to (clueless) national media pundits like Joe Morgan. 

Now, Matthew Clemens' family members are coming to his defense.  NBC 10's Tim Lake reported that his family called Clemens "a good boy." NBC 10 interviewed Matthew Clemens' uncle who said he's "not a monster."

In fact, his uncle did everything he could do to defend Clemens-even going so far to say that Clemens received a black eye (seen in photo) from being beat up. 

They even tracked down Clemens' boss who alluded to how one fan could make 50,000 fans look bad. 

Matthew Clemens, from Cherry Hill, NJ is in jail on $36,000 bail.  Relatives have stated that he has not come up with the 10% required to be released according to NBC 10.

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