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Daily Roll call: Roethlisberger Trade, Miserable Failure, Fabrice Tourre, and Goldman Sachs, cap Wednesday News


Ben Roethlisberger finally got suspended by NFL Commish Roger Goodell who suspended the Pittsburgh Steelers franchise QB for six games.

And, now the Steelers may trade RoethlisbergerOakland is rumored to be interested.  If they do get him, they'll be without him for over a third of the season.  Then again, this is the insane Al Davis we're talking about. 

Miserable failure of a news day?

For some reason "miserable failure" is a popular Google search today.  Even though Google killed off the miserable failure search and other Google search bombs a few years ago. Years ago, this became a popular Google search because if you Googled "miserable failure"-George W. Bush was #1 at the top of the searches.  Of course you have some who are capitalizing on this hot search trend, but bashing President Obama.

Goldman Sachs...not what we thought

Finally...the latest on Goldman Sachs news. Fabrice Tourre, who is Goldman Sachs' Lee Harvey Oswald will testify at a Senate hearing.  Also, President Obama is denying that the White House discussed charges against Goldman Sachs with the SEC before the announcement was made. 

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