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Debtorboards And Coupon Mom Offer Help To Consumers Unlike Fraudulent Debt Settlement Companies


In these tough economic times it's very challenging to stay on top of the bills while paying down credit cards if you're an average working class citizen. For millions of troubled consumerAmericans who are feeling the pinch of reduced hours at work, they turn to credit cards to help them through these tough times. 

If you have a heavy credit card debt load and something goes wrong in your life it's easy to panic.  Many turn to debt settlement companies, which are nothing more than parasites and vultures who prey upon the desperation of consumers trapped under the yoke of credit card debt.

If you are thinking about "working with" a debt settlment company prepare to be screwed...royally.  They promise you that they'll get your debts settled for 30 cents on the dollar.  However, there's one catch-you have to stop paying your creditors while you pay the debt settlement company each month. And, guess what? You have to "build up" the money in the account before they'll allegedly try to settle your debts. 

For some people who are $20,000 in debt it may take three years or better to build up enough money in the debt settlment account before they can attempt to settle your debts.  By that point you'll probably have been sued already and will have had your wages garnished. Thousands of people fall for the debt settlment scams and would be better of declaring bankruptcy especially considering there's no promise that a credit card company will negotiate.  Then you're out all of that money and up the creek without a paddle. 

Many of these debt settlment parasites try to associate themselves with President Obama's bailout programs, which is about as lowrent as it gets.  Now that the bottom-feeding debt settlement companies are being exposed for fraud, hopefully Uncle Sam can outlaw this rotten industry.  Senator Jay Rockefeller said he expressed "disdain and contempt" for practices that the Government Accountability Office found when they had investigators posing as consumers with debt problems contact twenty debt settlement companies.

For those who are under the gun from creditors there is somewhere for you to turn; Debtorboards

Debtorboards.com is a community where they offer consumers ways to get back at the man so to speak.

Debtorboards educates troubled consumers with ways to defend themselves against the horrendous practices of debt collection agencies as well as ways to sue debt collectors.  Face it, we all have a loved one or friend who has been in a tough situation and creditors use every tactic under the sun to try and get money out of them.  Many of these people are buried under a mountain of debt, not by choice, but out of necessity.  The cost of living in America has skyrocketed and many need to use credit cards just to put gas in their cars to get to work.  Some need them to pay for medicine or even food for their families.

For those of you who aren't trapped in credit card debt hell, but looking to save a few bucks at the store, then Coupon Mom has some great tips for you.  Coupon Mom's website at...well couponmom.com offers a plethora of printable grocery coupons.  If you play your cards right you can save hundreds of dollars a year.

Stephanie Nelson, who is better known as Coupon Mom has a new book out called The Coupon Mom’s Guide to Cutting Your Grocery Bills In Half.

For consumers in good and bad situations, Couponmom.com is a great resource to save on your grocery bill. 

Remember, if you're under a mountain of credit card debt your best options are to negotiate directly with credit card companies or to seek credit counseling.  By no means, turn to a debt settlement company or your problems will multiply.