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Einstein-World's Smallest Horse And Instant Internet Star: Next Star Wars Kid?


The Einstein Horse, better known as the new Smallest Horse in The World called "Einstein" is a media superstar today. einstein horse

Einstein, a tiny black-and-white Pinto stallion, weighed just six pounds at birth and standing 14 inches tall. 

Now he may be the newest record holder for the title of World's Smallest Horse.

Einstein, The World's Smallest Horse was born on April 22, 2010 at Tiz-a-Miniature Horse Farm in Barnstead, N.H.  He was so small that his breeder, Judy Smith, thought he wasn't alive, reported the AP. "We started rubbing him with a towel and he started moving around," Smith told the AP.

Einstein has become an immediate internet sensation literally overnight.  The Youtube video of him was posted on April 22nd-just 5 days ago and it's up over 100,000 views.

Look for Einstein to become an internet phenomenon on par with the likes of the Leeroy Jenkins viral video and so many others. 

It will take him some time to reach the iconic status of Star Wars Kid though, who is the undisputed King of iconic internet videos.

Photo of Einstein from http://www.examiner.com (AP/Jim Cole)

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