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Handling Gulf Oil Spill And Arizona Immigration Law Too Much For Obama To Handle?


President Obama's job as President has been difficult enough dealing with the economy, healthcare, wars in Iraq gulf oil spilland Afghanistan, and now two more problems that just reared their ugly heads over the past week.  Could these two additional problems on an already full plate be too much for President Barack Obama to handle? 

I'm talking about the explosion of the oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico and the subsequent Gulf Oil Spill

And, the Arizona Immigration Law, which likens the Arizona State Government to Nazis, just adds to his already full plate.

Make no mistake, President Obama has plenty of support, but being the man at the top has it's consequences.  And, he might have the toughest job any President has ever had when you consider all of the issues he has had to deal with. 

The Gulf Oil Spill has been declared an incident of "national significance" by the Obama Administration.  Now, Obama's plans to drill off-shore are being shelved as this incident could turn out to be worse than the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

Lousiana has been struggling to bounce back since Hurricane Katrina and now the Commercial Fishing Industry along the Gulf Coast could be in shambles if this oil comes onto the shores.  It could spell doom for local economies down there.

As if this isn't bad enough, The Obama Administration has to deal with the Arizona Immigration Law which unfairly targets latinos. 

President Obama and his braintrust are exploring options on how they can get the Arizona Law overturned.  The Arizona Immigration Law, which makes it legal for authorities to racially profile hispanics whom they believe are illegal aliens. 

From Lousiana to Arizona, millions of Americans are counting on President Obama to step up in a time of need.   And, we're not talking about people losing jobs-we're talking about life itself and civil liberties, which are threatened by these two events.