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Paparazzi and Former Mistresses Beware: Tiger Woods' Masters Security will be unprecedented


Thinking about going to The Masters to get that money shot of Tiger Woods getting accosted by a former mistress? Forget about it!  Tiger Woods  Masters

Tiger Woods is going to receive Presidential-level protection at The Masters, reportedly from his own security firm.  

The Tiger Woods Masters Security Force will include 90 armed security guards in addition to the normal 200 security guards at The Masters. The security details includes former F.B.I. and secret service agents who will be on the lookout for any of Tiger Woods' former mistresses. Yes, you heard that right.  If any of his former mistresses show up at the Masters, they will be escorted off the grounds.

They are taking it to such an extreme that fans won't even be allowed to bring cellphones onto the grounds.  The primary aim is Tiger Woods is scared to death of having a run-in with one of his former mistresses should they make the mistake of accosting him. 

Added to that, the paparazzi and anybody looking to make a buck off a Tiger Woods photo is on notice.  You will have your hands full if you try and sneak a camera in and try to get a "money shot" of Tiger Woods checking out a gorgeous woman in the crowd.  And, for anybody looking to cash in on a shot of Tiger Woods getting charged by a former mistress, forget about it.  The 90-man Masters Security Force will hunt you down. 

The Masters will certainly be a media circus.  This is the biggest athlete in the world on one of the biggest stages (if not the biggest) of his sport.  And, it also happens to be his first tournament since "the accident" and the ensuing sex scandal. 

In what is normally a beautiful spring tradition for the PGA Tour, The Masters will now become a Media Zoo and just a backdrop for the biggest celebrity in the world. 

The Masters Security Force will be out in full effect and ready to pounce should any funny business arise.






8:44 PM
Sun Apr 4 2010
Tiger's New "Profession"


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