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Donovan McNabb and Tiger Woods are perfect bookends to wild week in sports


This week in sports will go down as one of the most action-packed and wildest in ages.

The week began on Easter Sunday when Donovan McNabb was traded from the Eagles to the obama pitchRedskins in a shocker.  Then again, everything the Eagles do shocks us so is it really shocking anymore?

On top of that, we have the Opening Day of Major League Baseball today when The Phillies head to Washington to begin their quest for a second World Series Title in three years.  Washington is the sports mecca today as President Obama will throw out the first pitch.  Obama, McNabb, and the Phillies all in Washington...can't get much bigger than that!

And, just what are the odds of the Phillies and Donovan McNabb both heading to Washington on the same day for opening day and McNabb's first press conference as a Readskin.  You couldn't script something like that. 

As if this isn't enough, the National Championship game between Duke and Butler is tonight. 

And, in what will be the biggest media circus in sports in recent memory, Tiger Woods will make his return to the PGA on Golf's biggest stage The 2010 Masters on Thursday.

Try and find me a more action-packed week in sports over the past decade.  You'll be hard-pressed.