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Montcoal West Virginia Mine Explosion Tragedy for Town, Massey Energy, and WV Economy


The Montcoal West Virginia Mine Explosion has killed 25 people and four others are unaccounted for according to CNN. 

In addition to the Montocal Mine Explosion being the worst mine disaster since the Utah mine blast in 1984, it will also reap harm on a fragile West Virginia Economy which has an unemployment rate of 11%.

It's hard to tell what a ripple effect this will have on West Virginia's economy, but it could be substantial.

Shares of Massey Energy fell nearly 10 percent one day after the Montcoal Explosion.  Massey Energy owns the mine.

Massey Energy is the fourth largest producer of coal in the United States with substantial operations in West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee. Massey's mines yield around 40 million tons annually.

Ultimately, this tragedy reminds us of what miners go through and how dangerous a miner's job is.  Not to mention, miners go often underappreciated in our society. 

The BBC has some good coverage on the Montcoal West Virginia Mine Explosion.  Check it out below.