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Death Penalty Should Be In Order For Assailants In Trenton Gang Rape Case


It was a pretty sad state of affairs twenty years ago when we would see a story on the 5:00 news about five young men beating up a young man for a couple dollars.  It was  an even sadder state of affairs when we would hear of five young men beating up an elderly gentlemen for his wallet. rowan tower apartments

In the case of the Trenton Gang Rape, we are learning of the most barbaric, sadistic human behavior imaginable.  Police have arrested (so far) two adults and three juveniles and have charged them with the rape of a seven-year-old girl in a Trenton housing project at the end of March.  Yes you read that correctly-a seven-year-old girl was gang raped in a housing project. 

What is even more hard to comprehend is that the seven year-old girl's older stepsister was involved in the sadistic acts.  Her 15-year-old stepsister went to a "party" in this housing project with the intentions of selling herself and her seven-year-old sister for sex. 

The little girl was found outside the Rowan Towers Apartment Building crying hysterically after being ravaged by these vile, pathetic animals. 

These aren't youngsters that can be rehabilitated and placed back into society.  Anybody capable of this type of horrific act is in my humble opinion useless to society.  A stiff jail sentence isn't going to serve as adequate punishment.

The only answer here is the death penalty for the youngsters who raped the little girl, including the 15-year-old stepsister who sold her to them.  Capital punishment is not something that should be employed indiscriminately.  It is a punishment reserved for the most horrific criminal acts.  Advocates who are against capital punishment would disagree with me and say that these barbarians don't deserve to have their lives taken away.  They argue against the death penalty because it's barbaric and contradicts human rights including the most basic human right-the right to life.  My response to the advocates of barbaric criminals' rights to life is simple.  What human rights did these "people" observe when they were raping that 7 year-old girl?

They have no right to life because they knowingly engaged in this act and treated this little girl like a piece of garbage.  They have no right to life because they are the ultimate failures as human beings. 

Others would argue that the adults in this case should perhaps get the death penalty, but not the juveniles.  Three of the people arrested were 17, 14 and 13 years old. Let's be frank here.  Everybody in that apartment knew what was going on there.  Whether you're 13 years old or 18.  If you knowingly engage in a horrific act like this, you made  the conscious decision to engage in said act.  Therefore, you deserve the maximum penalty; death.  However, the Supreme Court ruled in 2005 that juveniles cannot be executed. 

Lastly, they have no right to life because allowing them to live sends the message that any human being can go out and gang rape a child and still theoretically leave a prison some day and walk the streets again.

That would be an even bigger tragedy.