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Conan O'Brien Gives 60 Minutes Interview and States It Was "Impossible" Tonight Show Lost Money


Conan O'Brien spoke publicly for the first time about his exile from NBC's Tonight Show.  Conan O'Brien's interview with 60 Minutes aired on CBS tonight and he was grilled conan 60 minutes interviewon everything from how he handled the situation to his feelings on Jay Leno. 

The former Tonight Show host who was ousted in January seemed quite sad and disappointed with how things panned out with NBC.

Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes asked all the right questions.  The biggest revelation was O'Brien's willingness to express his disatisfaction without actually bashing the network.  When Kroft asked him if what Leno did (taking The Tonight Show back) was honorable, Conan O'Brien gave a long pause and said he couldn't answer that question.  That spoke volumes about how he feels.  It's clear he will not be shaking hands with Jay Leno anytime soon.

Kroft also mentioned to O'Brien during the interview that NBC Exec Jeff Zucker felt that this was the first time in history The Tonight Show was losing money.  And, in stern fashion, Conan O'Brien fired back by saying that he couldn't see how that was possible The Tonight Show could have lost money.  And, he followed it up and flat out said it would have been "impossible" for The Tonight Show to lose money.

Ultimately, O'Brien seemed to be handling this whole situation about as well as he can, but you can tell he's bitter over the divorce.  As he said, the whole situation was like a rapid divorce and it took him some time to get over it.

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