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Conservative Critics are Delusional in Criticism of President Obama Over Oil Spill


You knew this was coming-Obama haters everywhere are rearing their ugly heads.  They are now using the Gulf Coast Oil Spill as an opportunity to bash President Obama.  Rush Limbaugh stated on his (propaganda) radio show: 

"He's getting even with his country for all of its transgressions in the past," Limbaugh said on his Friday show. "So we got an oil slick, added benefit, now he can cancel offshore drilling."

Even though there is nothing the federal government can do to stop the leak immediately, somehow this disaster is being dubbed "Obama's Katrina."

Let's examine the facts here.  An oil rig owned by British Petroleum exploded.

The oil well which is letting loose 5,000 barrels of oil into the ocean lacked a safeguard device.  This is according to The Wall Street Journal, the be-all end-all of newspapers for many on the right.  Now, the oil continues to leak and has reached the shore.  BP's back-up plan failed and now Plan #3-a subsea oil recovery system could take weeks to put into place.

How this is Obama's fault is beyond me. 

Now, it's Obama's fault because he "waited" 8 days to visit the area.  And, this somehow would've stopped the oil spill?

Radio host Mark Levin said this is the first "real challenge" Obama has had to deal with and he "hasn't been able to handle it."


Correct me if I'm wrong but Obama has only had to deal with the worst economic crisis in 30 years, two wars, and rampant corruption amongst corporations.

This is not to minimize the Gulf Coast Oil Spill, but to say this is his first real challenge isn't just absurd-it's insane. And, to say he hasn't been able to handle it, is delusional.  What exactly can President Obama do at this point?  This is an oil spill that is ultimately BP's responsibility.  They are the ones who failed to have adequate measures in place. 

Now they have to clean up the mess.