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Iceland Volcano, Gulf Oil Spill, and Southern Flooding: Unprecedented Month of Disasters


Raise your hand if you remember ever hearing about this many disasters in the span of a month.  injured turtle

A few weeks ago, the Iceland Volcano made worldwide news when the ash (not the lava) of this monstrous volcano wreaked major havoc on flights throughout Europe.

In recent days, the volcano has let up some, but Ireland has just ordered a halt to flights for six hours due to new volcanic ash.  So, Europe isn't out of the woods just yet.

Let's turn to April 21st when an oil rig explosion took place off the coast of Lousiana. 

The oil rig, owned by British Petroleum, is responsible for the Gulf Oil Spill of 2010, which will go down as the worst oil spill in recorded history. 

nashville floodingThis environmental disaster shows no signs of slowing up as it will take weeks or even months for BP to implement one of three plans to stop the leak.

Countless amounts of turtles and other wildlife are at risk of dying from this disaster. There have been many injured turtles as a result.  Fortunately the sea turtle on the right was only injured.

Finally, over the past few days another disaster has hit the southern part of the United States-a series of torrential storms, which have caused immense flooding in the South.  So far 22 people in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Mississippi were killed as a result of the Southern Flooding.

The Southern Flooding weather event has gained a lot of attention especially due to flooding in the famous Opryland Hotel. 

Nashville and many other areas in the south have been crippled by the flooding.

It's been quite some time since this many critical disasters have taken place in the span of a month.  Hopefully it will be the last time we witness this. 

Photo injured sea turtle from http://www.huffingtonpost.com/

Photo of Nashville Flood from http://www.cmt.com

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