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Phillies Fan Tasered may make fans think twice about taking a "field trip"


In my life, I have probably seen close to a thousand Phillies games. I've witnessed World Series games,Photo: Matt Slocum All-Star games, triple plays, no-hitters, and lots of bad baseball in between. The beauty of baseball however, is that sometimes you see something new that you thought you'd never see before. This is what happened last night. However, this was anything but beautiful, and the most memorable event of the game didn't even involve the players: a fan was tasered when entering the field of play.

This is not the first incident of a fan getting tasered at a game. This happened last August in Oakland. However, circumstances were rather different, according to reports. Allegedly, that fan didn't even run onto the field, but was refusing to leave the stadium and Oakland security had exhausted every possible option.

It was actually kind of comical back in the day at Veterans Stadium to see a rambunctious fan who has been aided by several "beverages" to prance around the field before they are "apprehended" by the hired help. One time, a fan even did their best Ralph Macchio imitation prior to a massive take-down at the hands of the Phillies security. This even happens from time to time at Citizens Bank Park, although I don't believe it occurs as frequently.

From the looks of things, this fan was used an example that this is what is going to happen in the future if anyone else has this idea in Philadelphia. It will surely make fans think twice about entering the playing field, but this is a double edged sword: Taser shocks have resulted in death in some circumstances. At the same time, in this post-911 era, you can go as far as to say that you are taking your life into your own hands when entering the field at a baseball game or any sporting event for that matter. Security doesn't know whether you have a weapon, looking to attack a player, or whether you're just flat out acting like a jack ass. Click HERE  for the video.

Of course, this IS Philadelphia, so as usual, the city will receive hardcore backlash for this regardless of the circumstances. For the Philles, this has the potential to be a public relations nightmare. Oddly enough, this incident happened a day after a recent survery ranked the Phillies as the town's most beloved team. Something tells me Dave Montgomery and Co. will do their best to smooth this over the best they can. There have been reports they will consult Philadelphia Police in regards to the situation. Early reports however, have Commissioner Ramsey backing the actions of the officer who tasered the fan.

There are some knuckleheads out there, but it's probably safe to say you won't see many other fans storm the field at Citizens Bank Park this year.

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