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Nashville and Opryland Hotel Flood Photos: Proof Flood Among Worst Ever


The Flooding in Nashville, makes for the latest disaster in what's been a year full of natural disasters in tennessee flooding the U.S.

The Nashville Flooding has hit the famous Gaylord Opryland Resort Hotel and it will be closed for weeks.

Jim Cantore from The Weather Channel stated on Sunday that 7 inches of rain fell in Tennessee area from a massive storm, which seemed to hover over the area. 

When you view photos of the Flooding, on the Star Telegram, this flood appears to be as bad as any flood in recorded history.

Nashvillle Public Radio's site also has amazing Nashville Flooding photos.

And, a local Nashville photographer made quite a name for himself for his Nashville flood photos.

Photos of the Opryland Hotel Flood illustrate why they won't be open for business for quite some time.

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